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America is at a crossroads. Our nation is in turmoil. We are economically, socially and spiritually bankrupt. Our leaders have turned this nation from one nation under God to one nation fighting God. For far too long we have allowed liberals and soft conservatives to run our nation. The result is a run-away government infringing on our freedom and liberties. The result has been the barbaric practice of abortion taking the lives of 60 million Americans. The result has been a nation that has embraced perversion and turned its back on its friends around the world.

America is in desperate need of leadership. We need a statesman who will in the words of the Apostle Paul, “…be instant in season and out of season.” For many elections Christians have resigned themselves to support half-heartedly the candidate that has been thrust upon us at the end of the primary season. We have seen the results of mediocre candidates and half-hearted conservatives. Liberals and progressives are running rough-shot over our constitution and our freedoms. This primary season we have a choice to elect a man with principle, integrity and character. This man is Senator Ted Cruz.

Today, I announce my personal endorsement of Senator Ted Cruz for president of the United States.

There are several reasons I have made this decision:
▪ Ted Cruz is a student of the constitution and recognizes the constraints and power that is rightly given to the people of the United States of America and not to government.
▪ Ted Cruz will govern from a Biblical world view and is not ashamed of his Christian faith.
▪ Ted Cruz is not afraid to stand on principle regardless of those who oppose him. We are living in a day when we need statesmen, not politicians out for their own gain.
▪ Ted Cruz will not apology for America.
▪ Ted Cruz is pro-life, pro-marriage and stands with our friends in Israel.
▪ Ted Cruz is for a smaller government, not a bigger one.

Lastly, I would say that there are many good men and women running for president all of which will be far more preferable to what the Democrats have to offer but I believe Ted Cruz is the man of the hour. As Mordecai sent word to his niece Esther, I believe Ted Cruz has been placed here for such a time as this.


Pastor William Tyson is the pastor of Woodlawn Baptist Church, a thriving multicultural ministry located Bowie, MD. He has a love for souls, a love for the Bible, a love for missions, and a determined drive for growth of God’s work. Woodlawn Baptist Church has an extensive bus ministry that brings hundreds to church each week.