“Endorsing Ted Cruz for President”
by Pastor Jeff Fugate

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The typical line of thinking among pastors in America regarding endorsing political candidates is, “I do not think that I am legally permitted to endorse candidates.” Because of this, many pastors wait until the nominations for each party have been chosen before they begin their support.
What we desire as pastors, and God-fearing Christians is to have a candidate who best represents our biblical, moral, and social positions. Sadly, when we wait until the parties have already chosen their nominations, we may not be left with the choice of a solid candidate who supports our core values.
This tragic mistake of waiting leaves the pastor out of the most important part of the election process. Waiting to endorse a candidate, until after the party nominations are chosen, bars the pastor from influencing which candidate is chosen. As a result, we most often end up with a candidate who does not provide the voters with an obvious contrast to the liberal candidate on the other side of the ballot. We have already lost elections because of this!
Now, isn’t it interesting that “the state” or government is heavily involved in biblical, social and moral issues, yet they strongly indicate to the pastor and the church (with threats of losing tax exempt status) that we cannot be involved in politics? They cry, “Separation of church and state!” The “government” can promote, with our tax dollars, the legalization of abortion, same sex marriage, expanded gambling, and the banning of prayer in schools. However, we as Christian leaders are told that we must remain silent on these most important issues. We are told to remain neutral in promoting candidates that best represent our moral values, Christian heritage, and Biblical foundation. This is simply ludicrous!
The truth is WE CAN and WE SHOULD endorse the Candidates that best represent our biblical, social, and moral values; the very values that America was founded upon! The Bible tells us, “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” It is time that we as men of God overcome our fears, give no ear to the empty threats of the liberal agenda, and get in the fight to elect the candidates of our choice!
This is why I have publicly endorsed Ted Cruz for President of the United States of America.

Here are several reasons that I have endorsed Ted Cruz:
 1. Ted Cruz is a born again Christian and knows the importance of leading with Biblical principles, values, and ethics. His personal testimony of Salvation through the work of a Baptist church is worth you taking the time to research.
 2. Ted Cruz is an outsider. He is not a part of the Washington Machine, which has allowed our nation to become financially indebted and to become increasingly less safe and secure.
 3. Ted Cruz has an amazing resume. His brilliance and intelligence cannot be overlooked, as they have permitted him the opportunities needed to prepare him to lead our nation.
 4. Ted Cruz stands for the traditional, biblical, and moral values of our Christian heritage in America. He stands for life and he is against the murder of the unborn. He does not stand with the Supreme Court’s ruling of June 26th which decimates the home and marriage as God has designed and defined it.
 5. Ted Cruz understands, accepts, and appreciates America’s rich Christian heritage. America was in fact founded as a Christian nation. This truth can be seen in the Mayflower Compact, the Declaration of Independence, our pledge to the flag, as well as our nation’s motto, which is inscribed on every coin, and on the very wall of Congress – “In God We Trust”. Even today, every meeting of congress is opened in prayer to our Creator, God.
 6. Ted Cruz understands how the American government is supposed to work. He understands the roles of the Senate, the House of Representatives, and of the President. He further understands the role of the Supreme Court, and realizes that they have been and are operating outside of the boundaries set for them.
 7. Ted Cruz will lead America with integrity, conviction, and by the proven principles that have made America a great nation!
 This being said, would you join me now in endorsing Senator Ted Cruz for the President of the United States? Please go to tedcruz.org and make your endorsement today. Let’s not wait until the final quarter of the game to get in it! Let’s get in it now while we can make a difference!


Pastor Jeffery J. Fugate became pastor of Clays Mill Road Baptist Church in Lexington, Kentucky, in May of 1991. In his first service at the church, there were 18 people in attendance. The church has grown to an average attendance of over 1,900 with an average during the Fall of 2013 of over 2,200, and a high day of 2,594. In 1997, Bro. Fugate was honored with two honorary doctorate degrees. He has written five books. In 2002, Dr. Fugate became Editor-in-Chief of The Church Bus News, a bi-monthly periodical sent to over 10,000 pastors and Sunday School and bus workers. He is the President of Commonwealth Baptist College.